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Family owned and operated for 20+ years, we strive to keep our customers happy.  Struggling to make ends meet for our family, we took a risk to start a business to make a better life for our children, while doing so by promoting a family friendly activity that we enjoy so much together.  Though we started out with just one single camper, over the years, our business has evolved into a much bigger company with a great selection of new and used units which form together to make up 23 Camper Sales!  Camping has truly brought our family closer together and made so many great memories that will last us a lifetime-- we hope to spread this same joy to your family as well!  Some of our favorite memories as a family include relaxing by a crackling camp-fire.





The mission of 23 Camper Sales is to promote family time in a world that seems to have strayed away from it.  Our main goal is to help you find a way to maintain good relationships for you and your family by making memories while enjoying nature. 






We at 23 Camper Sales are committed to helping you to the best of our abilities.






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